Thursday, July 14, 2011

You ever get that ringing in your ears and don't know where it's coming from? That's the Hum. Nobody knows what is it, where it comes from, and it's really fucking annoying.

I wish it would go away.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More books

I tend to read multiple books at a time. I don't know why - perhaps my attention span just makes it so I need to switch it up a bit. Anyway, besides The Private Lives of Puppets, I'm also reading Vincent Bugliosi's Four Days in November, an account of the Kennedy assassination.

I don't know why the Kennedy assassination is such a big fascination for people like me. Conspiracy theorists, apopheniacs, they tend to latch onto the Kennedy assassination. Studying it like an insect pinned down under a glass.

It sort of reminds me of Alan Moore's From Hell. In the epilogue of the comic, "Dance of the gull catchers," he talks about Ripperologists, people who study Jack the Ripper's murders. Each one looks for new and different theories, but each one still studies the same spaces, the same timeline. Moore compares it to Koch's snowflake: you start with a normal triangle, then add smaller triangles onto that. You add smaller and smaller triangles onto each side, making a more and more intricate snowflake, until eventually there's no more room for you to draw. "Likewise," Moore writes, "each new book provides fresh details, finer crennelations of the subject's edge. Its area, however, can't extend past the initial circle: Autumn, 1888. Whitechapel."

But sometimes we can't help it. Sometimes we become so fascinated by a subject, we immerse ourselves in it. We become so wrapped up in conspiracy and murder, we become mummies buried in tombs of thought.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New book

Found a nice and twisty conspiracy book in the used book section of the library (where I pointedly don't own a library card - you never know when the Man might find you via your library books). It's called The Private Lives of Puppets by Giovanni Zanni.

So far, it's pretty good.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Worst of all possible worlds

So I've been reading Warren Ellis's Bad World.  It's a fascinating look at the mindset of, well, people like me. People who have realized that they have no control of their environment, so they make up shit so they will have control.

Other people, however, can't help it:

"Sometimes, the world goes bad for people through no fault of their own. They're just born with bad wiring. I don't know if there's a better explanation for the sexual preference of the macroherpetophile. There's a macroherpetophile community on the web. They seem like imaginative, pleasant, harmless people. But, well...a herpetophile is sexually attracted to lizards. Macro, of course, indicates great size. 
"Macroherpetophiles want to fuck Godzilla."

And that's before Ellis talks about chickenfucking and badgerfucking. Wait, hold on, it's not that bad. The badger was actually dead at the time.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Songs in the Key of Friday

So I read this really good theory that Rebecca Black's seminal work "Friday" was actually about the JFK assassination. Which took place on Friday, November 22, 1963. While JFK and Jackie were "kicking it" in the backseat.

Yeah. Think about that.

A person in possession of all the facts

Hello. I am Unknown. Of course that's not my real name. My real name is a seventeen-digit number that was given to me at birth and is kept in a secret file in the Library of Congress.

Ha. You really believe I think that? Of course not. I'm not stupid - I'm just paranoid. I have a condition called "apophenia" - seeing patterns where no patterns exist. Ever look up at the clouds and see shapes? Then you have apophenia, too.

Welcome to the club. Tinfoil hats optional.