Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Worldwide Mad Computer Gangster God Is Back

Yeah, I'm back. I took a short break to go somewhere. Okay, a hospital. Spent a little amount of time in a hospital, but they said I wasn't a danger to anyone. So I'm fine. Just paranoid.

There's a little girl who lives across the street. She didn't use to live across the street. I've never seen her before today. But I was gone for a bit. So maybe she moved in.

But the couple that live there didn't have any children and they still live there. I know. I've seen them before. Man, forties, grey hair on his temples, works as a lawyer. Woman, late thirties, works as a nursing assistant. I've written down their licence plate. I know their schedules.

They didn't have a kid. Or if they did adopt a child, why adopt one so old? This girl is at least nine years old. Or maybe seven.

She saw me. I looked out my window and she saw me. That's impossible. I'm trying to remember what she looks like. Seven years old. Or eight. Brown hair? Blonde hair? I can't remember.

I'm okay. I just got out of the hospital, but I'm okay. It's just paranoia. I can live with it. I can live with it.


  1. Oh shit. It's Her. Ask the new parents her name. If they *can't tell you* run like hell. Move out of the neighborhood. If She's who I think She is then when She's done with them She might try to adopt you next.

    Yes. I sound madder than you. And if you read my blog then I'll sound crazier yet. Just ask them her name and then if I'm right about them not knowing it ask yourself if I sound a little less crazy.

  2. How can I ask them a question if I never leave my house? But if I leave my house, I might ask them a question. I'm okay. As long as I keep being okay, I'll stay okay.

    Thanks for the advice anyway.

  3. Just thought I'd inform you after reading your blog You're officially my second favourite person. Keep on keeping on. Oh and don't worry I'm sure there's nothing abnormal going on. The apple guy is just trying to scare you.